Knife Rental Sharpening HeaderKnife Rental & Sharpening

Our professional knife sharpening service provides any type or amount of knives an establishment may need.

On a weekly or bi-weekly basis our drivers will come in and exchange dull knives for sharpened and sanitized duplicates.

Nella offers the most all inclusive service for restaurants, hotels, food markets or any institutions that use knives. With Nella you can always have that sharp top quality cutlery at your finger tips. Use Nellas exchange program and you’ll never spend time sharpening knives and exposing your employees to the hazard of dull knives

Why you should use the Nella Knife Sharpening service

  • Money saving – no future expense replacing knives.
  • Continual investment in the latest knife sharpening technology to ensure all knives are sharpened to the highest standards.
  • Bespoke service – prices are dependent on frequency and volume of knives.
  • Frequency of delivery is determined by the needs of the customer.
  • Knives will always be sharp ensuring maximum usability.
  • Sharp knives will decrease accidents previously caused by blunt knives.
  • Broken and damaged knives are replaced free of charge.
  • Wide choice of knives – 25 types of knives, in different sizes and widths are available to suit all needs and uses.
  • Knives are thoroughly cleaned before each delivery.

The Government’s Health and Safety Executive recommend that knives should always be kept sharp to minimize the risk of accidents.



Meat Grinder Plates

Nella offers a complete rental sharpening service for your grinder plates and knives, exchanged as per your requirements.


Band_Saw_BladesBandsaw Blades

Nella offer a wide variety of blades that have an unmatched history for meeting the rigorous, high-volume demands of butchers, supermarkets, meat packers and any other businesses that use band saws on a regular basis. The band saw blades positive hook angle and heavier tooth set, translate into aggressive cutting providing a longer and more durable lifecycle.

Nella band saw blades are ideal for butchers and supermarkets that require a combination of versatility, economy and durability – proving the user with superior performance and value for money, essential when both cost control and product quality are required.


Food Processor Blade

Food Processor Blades

Are you fed up with blunt food processor blades? Nella offer a wide range of blades to suit your needs, ensuring that your business does not have any costly downtime. Food processor blades are available for sale or sharpened on a regular agreed basis.