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Southbend 6 Burner Range Model: S36D

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This S-Series Restaurant Range (S36D) from Southbend is engineered to perform and built to last. The six open burner, one-piece, cast iron, non-clog burners have a lifetime warranty. The stainless steel front and sides can withstand the demands of a busy commercial kitchen. The removable shelf is also stainless steel. The removable cast iron top grates and the removable crumb drawer underneath the burners make cleaning this range an easy task. The space saver oven has two removable racks that can be positioned in two places for added versatility. This particular range is also available with a cabinet base or a convection oven.

Six-inch stainless steel, adjustable legs
Stainless steel front, sides, and removable shelf
Large space saver oven with snap action thermostat
Space saver oven equipped with flame failure safety device
Six 28,00 BTU (natural gas) open flame, non-clog burners

Cast iron, one-piece burners are clog free for easy maintenance
Single piece drip/crumb tray under burners for easy cleaning
Quadrant spring doors with heat resistant, ergonomic, chrome handle for easy opening and closing

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